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H Mineral Index (279 Count)

This alphabetical listing of H minerals include synonyms of accepted mineral names, pronunciation of that name, name origins, and locality information.

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Hotsonite-VII Say Hotsonite-VII Al11(SO4)3(PO4)2(OH)21·16(H2O) Approved IMA 1984
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Hotson farm, Pofadder, South Africa.
Howardevansite Say Howardevansite   NaCu++Fe+++2(VO4)3 Approved IMA 1988
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Howard Tasker Evans, Jr. (1919-2000), American mineralogist and crystallographer, U.S.G.S., Reston, Virginia, USA.
Howieite Say Howieite  View Howieite Image  Na(Fe++,Mn++)10(Fe,Al)2Si12O31(OH)13 Approved IMA 1964
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Robert Andrew Howie (1923-), British mineralogist and petrologist, King's College, London University, UK.
Howlite Say Howlite  View Howlite Image  Ca2B5SiO9(OH)5 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1868
NAME ORIGIN: Named after Henry How of Nova Scotia when he first described it in 1868.
Hsianghualite Say Hsianghualite  View Hsianghualite Image  Ca3Li2Be3(SiO4)3F2 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1958
NAME ORIGIN: The name is from a Chinese word for fragrant flower.
Huanghoite-(Ce) Say Huanghoite-(Ce)  View Huanghoite-(Ce) Image   BaCe(CO3)2F Approved IMA 1961
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Huang Ho (Yellow River), China, 150 km south of the Bayan Obo deposit, China, where the first specimens were collected.
Huangite Say Huangite  View Huangite Image Ca0.5Al3(SO4)2(OH)6 Approved IMA 1992
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Yunhui Huang (1926- ), Chinese mineralogist, Institute of Mineral Deposit Geology and Mineral Resources, Beijing, China
Hubeite View Hubeite Images Gallery View Hubeite Form Ca2Mn++Fe+++Si4O12(OH)(H2O)2 Approved IMA 2002 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the locality. LOCALITY: Dayan mine near Huangshi, Hubei Province, China.
Hubnerite Say Hubnerite  View Hubnerite Image View Hubnerite Form  MnWO4 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1865
NAME ORIGIN: After the German mineralogist, Adolph Huebner.
Huebnerite - See Hubnerite
Huegelite - See Hugelite
Huemulite Say Huemulite  View Huemulite Image Na4Mg(V10O28)·24(H2O) Approved IMA 1966
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Huemul mine, Mendoza Province, Argentina.
Hugelite Say Hugelite    Pb2(UO2)3(AsO4)2(OH)4·3(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1913
NAME ORIGIN: Named for F. Hugel.
Huhnerkobelite - See Alluaudite
Hulsite Say Hulsite  View Hulsite Image  (Fe++,Mg)2(Fe+++,Sn)O2(BO3) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1908
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Alfred Hulse Brooks (1871-1924), U. S. Geologist.
Humberstonite Say Humberstonite  View Humberstonite Image   K3Na7Mg2(SO4)6(NO3)2·6(H2O) Approved IMA 1970
NAME ORIGIN: Named for James Thomas Humberstone (1850-1939), industrial chemist whose contributions permit economical extraction of nitrate from the Chilean deposits.
Humboldtine Say Humboldtine  View Humboldtine Image Fe++(C2O4)·2(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1821
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), German explorer and naturalist.
Humite Say Humite  View Humite Image  (Mg,Fe++)7(SiO4)3(F,OH)2 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1813
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Abraham Hume (1749-1838), English connoisseur and collector of works of art, precious stones and minerals.
Hummerite Say Hummerite  View Hummerite Image   KMgV+++++5O14·8(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1951
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the locality. LOCALITY: Hummer mine, Montrose County, Colorado, USA.
Hunchunite Say Hunchunite  View Hunchunite Image (Au,Ag)2Pb Approved IMA 1996 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the locality. LOCALITY: Hunchun River, Jilin province, China
Hundholmenite-(Y)  (Y,REE,Ca,Na)15(Al,Fe+++)CaxAs+++1-x(Si,As+++++)Si6B3(O,F)48 Approved IMA 2006 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Hundholmen, Tysfjord, Nordland, north Norway.
Hungchaoite Say Hungchaoite   MgB4O5(OH)4·7(H2O) Approved IMA 1964
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Chang Hung-chao (1877-1951), Chinese geologist and mineralogist.
Huntite Say Huntite  View Huntite Image  CaMg3(CO3)4 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1955
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Walter Frederick Hunt (1882-1975), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
Hureaulite Say Hureaulite  View Hureaulite Image View Hureaulite Form  Mn5(PO3OH)2(PO4)2·4(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1826
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Hureaux in St. Silvestre and Vilate near Chanteloube, N of Limoges, Haute Vienne, France.
Hurlbutite Say Hurlbutite  View Hurlbutite Image  CaBe2(PO4)2 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1952
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Jr. (1906-), professor of mineralogy, Harvard University, Cambridge.
Hutchinsonite Say Hutchinsonite  View Hutchinsonite Images Gallery View Hutchinsonite Form  (Pb,Tl)2As5S9 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1904
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Arthur Hitchinson (1866-1937), Professor of Mineralogy, Cambridge University, England.
Huttonite Say Huttonite    ThSiO4 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1950
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Colin Osborne Hutton (1910-1971), New Zealand-American mineralogist of Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA.
Hyacinth - See Zircon
REMARKS: Orange red zircon
Hyalite - See Opal
REMARKS: Glassy opal
Hyalophane Say Hyalophane  View Hyalophane Image   (K,Ba)Al(Si,Al)3O8 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1855
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek hyalos - "glass" and phanos - "to appear."
Hyalotekite Say Hyalotekite    (Ba,Pb,Ca,K)6(B,Si,Al)2(Si,Be)10O28(F,Cl) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1877
NAME ORIGIN: Named from the Greek "hyalos" and "tektos" owing to its property of forming a clear, colorless glass upon heating.
Hydrargyllite - See Gibbsite
Hydroastrophyllite View Hydroastrophyllite Image  (H3O,K)2Ca(Fe+++,Mn)5-6Ti2Si8O26(OH)4F Approved IMA 1974
NAME ORIGIN: Named for its high water content and relationship to astrophyllite.
Hydrobasaluminite Say Hydrobasaluminite Al4(SO4)(OH)10·12-36(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1948
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the composition and relation to basaluminite.
Hydrobiotite Say Hydrobiotite  View Hydrobiotite Image  [K(Mg,Fe)3(Al,Fe)Si3O10(OH,F)2]·[(Mg,Fe++,Al)3(Si,Al)4O10(OH)2·4(H2O)] Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1882
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the water content and its relationship to biotite.
Hydrobiotite - See Vermiculite
Hydroboracite Say Hydroboracite  View Hydroboracite Image View Hydroboracite Form  CaMgB6O8(OH)6·3(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1834
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the composition (water, borate).
Hydrocalcite - See Monohydrocalcite
Hydrocalumite Say Hydrocalumite  View Hydrocalumite Image  Ca2Al(OH)6[Cl1-x(OH)x]·3(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1934
NAME ORIGIN: Named for a HYDROus mineral containing CAlcium and ALUMinum.
Hydrocerussite Say Hydrocerussite  View Hydrocerussite Image View Hydrocerussite Form  Pb3(CO3)2(OH)2 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1877
NAME ORIGIN: Named for its composition.
Hydrochlorborite Say Hydrochlorborite  View Hydrochlorborite Image  Ca2B4O4(OH)7Cl·7(H2O) Approved IMA 1965
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the essential chemical components, water, chlorine and borate.
Hydrocyanite - See Chalcocyanite
Hydrodelhayelite Say Hydrodelhayelite  View Hydrodelhayelite Image  KCa2AlSi7O17(OH)2·6(H2O) Approved IMA 1979
NAME ORIGIN: Named for its relation to delhayelite, and the water in its composition.
Hydrodresserite Say Hydrodresserite  View Hydrodresserite Image  BaAl2(CO3)2(OH)4·3(H2O) Approved IMA 1977
NAME ORIGIN: Named for essential water and characteristic dehydration to dresserite under low humidity conditions.
Hydrofranklinite - See Chalcophanite
Hydrogen Autunite - See Chernikovite
Hydroglauberite Say Hydroglauberite  View Hydroglauberite Image Na4Ca(SO4)3·2(H2O) Approved IMA 1969
NAME ORIGIN: Named for its composition, rather similar to glauberite, but hydrated.
Hydrogrossular - See Katoite
Hydrogrossular - See Hibschite
Hydrohalite Say Hydrohalite  View Hydrohalite Image  NaCl·2(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1847
NAME ORIGIN: Named for its water content and similarity to halite in composition.
Hydrohalloysite - See Endellite
Hydrohematite - See Lepidocrocite
Hydrohetaerolite Say Hydrohetaerolite  View Hydrohetaerolite Image Zn2Mn+++4O8·(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1929
NAME ORIGIN: Named for a HYDROus mineral, and its relation to hetaerolite.
Hydrohonessite Say Hydrohonessite  View Hydrohonessite Image Ni6Fe+++2(SO4)(OH)16·7(H2O) Approved IMA 1981
NAME ORIGIN: Named to indicate its relationship to honessite.
Hydromagnesite Say Hydromagnesite  View Hydromagnesite Image View Hydromagnesite Form Mg5(CO3)4(OH)2·4(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1835
NAME ORIGIN: Named after its chemical composition.
Hydrombobomkulite Say Hydrombobomkulite (Ni,Cu)Al4(NO3,SO4)2(OH)12·14(H2O) Approved IMA 1980
NAME ORIGIN: Named as the hydrated version of mbobomkulite.
Hydromica - See Vermiculite
Hydromica - See Illite
Hydromica - See Hydrobiotite
Hydromolysite Say Hydromolysite FeCl3·6(H2O) Discredited IMA 1968
NAME ORIGIN: Named in 1965 for the composition.
Hydromuscovite - See Illite
Hydroniumjarosite Say Hydroniumjarosite  View Hydroniumjarosite Image  (H3O)Fe+++3(SO4)2(OH)6 Approved IMA 1960
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the composition (hydronium = H + H2O) and jarosite.
Hydronium jarosite - See Hydroniumjarosite
REMARKS: Renamed to Hydroniumjarosite by Mineralogical Record, v39 (2008), p131
Hydroparagonite - See Brammallite
Hydrophane - See Opal
REMARKS: Porous opal
Hydrophilite  CaCl2 Discredited IMA 2006
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek hydros = "water" and philos = 'friend' in allusion to the highly deliquescent nature of the mineral.
Hydrophilite - See Antarcticite
REMARKS: Antarcticite or sinjarite
Hydrophilite - See Sinjarite
REMARKS: Antarcticite or sinjarite
Hydroromarchite Say Hydroromarchite   Sn3O2(OH)2 Approved IMA 1971
NAME ORIGIN: Named as the hydrous version of romarchite.
Hydroscarbroite Say Hydroscarbroite  View Hydroscarbroite Image Al14(CO3)3(OH)36·n(H2O) Approved IMA 1965
NAME ORIGIN: Named as a higher hydrate of scarbroite.
Hydrotalcite Say Hydrotalcite  View Hydrotalcite Image  Mg6Al2(CO3)(OH)16·4(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1842
NAME ORIGIN: Named as a HYDROus mineral with a resemblance to talc.
Hydrotungstite Say Hydrotungstite  View Hydrotungstite Image H2WO4·(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1944
NAME ORIGIN: Named for its content of H2O and relation to tungstite.
Hydrougrandite (Ca,Mg,Fe++)3(Fe+++,Al)2(SiO4)3-x(OH)4x Discredited IMA 1966 - Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1954
NAME ORIGIN: Named as the hydrous analog of ugrandite.
Hydrowoodwardite View Hydrowoodwardite Image Cu1-xAlx(OH)2(SO4)x/2·n(H2O) with 0 < x < 0.67 and n > 3x/2 Approved IMA 1996 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named as the higher hydrated analogue of woodwardite.
Hydroxyapatite - See Apatite-(CaOH)
REMARKS: Renamed to Apatite-(CaOH) by Mineralogical Record, v39 (2008), p 131
Hydroxyapophyllite - See Apophyllite-(KOH)
REMARKS: Renamed to Apophyllite-(KOH) by Mineralogical Record, v39, (2008), p 131
Hydroxycancrinite Say Hydroxycancrinite  View Hydroxycancrinite Image Na4(AlSiO4)3(OH)·(H2O) Approved IMA 1993
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the composition and relationship to cancrinite.
Hydroxyl-bastnasite-(Ce) - See Hydroxylbastnasite-(Ce)
REMARKS: Renamed Hydroxylbastnasite-(Ce) by Mineralogical Record, v39 (2008), p131
Hydroxylbastnasite-(Ce) Say Hydroxylbastnasite-(Ce)  View Hydroxylbastnasite-(Ce) Image   Ce(CO3)(OH) Approved IMA 1964
NAME ORIGIN: Named as the hydroxyl analog of bastnasite-(Ce).
Hydroxyl-bastnasite-(La) - See Hydroxylbastnasite-(La)
REMARKS: Renamed Hydroxylbastnasite-(La) by Mineralogical Record, v39 (2008), p131
Hydroxylbastnasite-(La) Say Hydroxylbastnasite-(La)   La(CO3)(OH) Approved IMA 1983
NAME ORIGIN: Named to conform to the bastnasite goup designations.
Hydroxyl-bastnasite-(Nd) - See Hydroxylbastnasite-(Nd)
REMARKS: Renamed Hydroxylbastnasite-(Nd) by Mineralogical Record, v39 (2008), p131
Hydroxylbastnasite-(Nd) Say Hydroxylbastnasite-(Nd)    Nd(CO3)(OH) Approved IMA 1985
NAME ORIGIN: Named as Nd end member in the hydroxylbastnasite series.
Hydroxylborite Say Hydroxylborite Mg3(BO3)(OH,F)3 Approved IMA 2005 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named as the OH analogue of fluoborite.
Hydroxylcarbonate-(La) - See Hydroxylbastnasite-(La)
Hydroxylcarbonate-(Nd) - See Hydroxylbastnasite-(Nd)
Hydroxylclinohumite Say Hydroxylclinohumite  View Hydroxylclinohumite Image  Mg9(SiO4)4(OH,F)2 Approved IMA 1998 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named for its composition and the mineral clinohumite.
Hydroxylellestadite - See Ellestadite-(OH)
REMARKS: Renamed Ellestadite-(OH) by Mineralogical Record v39 (2008), 131
Hydroxylherderite Say Hydroxylherderite  View Hydroxylherderite Image View Hydroxylherderite Form  CaBe(PO4)(OH) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1894
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the composition and relationship to herderite.
Hydroxyl-herderite - See Hydroxylherderite
REMARKS: Renamed Hydroxylherderite by Mineralogical Record, v39 (2008), p131
Hydroxylian Pseudorutile - See Kleberite
Hydroxylpyromorphite Say Hydroxylpyromorphite  View Hydroxylpyromorphite Image Pb5(PO4)3OH Not Submitted IMA (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek pyr - "fire" and morfe - "form" in allusion the recrystallization reaction of the molten mineral.
Hydroxyl-pyromorphite - See Hydroxylpyromorphite
REMARKS: Renamed Hydroxylpyromorphite by Mineralogical Record v39 (2008), p131
Hydroxylwagnerite Say Hydroxylwagnerite  View Hydroxylwagnerite Image Mg2(PO4)(OH) Approved IMA 2004 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named as the OH analog of wagnerite.
Hydroxypetscheckite - See Petscheckite
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