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T Mineral Index (291 Count)

This alphabetical listing of T minerals include synonyms of accepted mineral names, pronunciation of that name, name origins, and locality information.

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Turneaureite Say Turneaureite  View Turneaureite Image  Ca5[(As,P)O4]3Cl Approved IMA 1985
NAME ORIGIN: Frederick Stewart Turneaure (1899-1986), Professor Emeritus of Geology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
Turquoise Say Turquoise  View Turquoise Image  CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) Prehistoric
NAME ORIGIN: Named after Turkey (from where it was brought to Europe).
Turtmannite View Turtmannite Image  (Mn,Mg)25.5[(V,As)O4]3(SiO4)3[AsO3]xO5-5x(OH)20+x Approved IMA 2000 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the locality. LOCALITY: Barrhorn Unit (Central Alps) in the Triassic marbles near Turtmanntal, Valais, Switzerland.
Tuscanite Say Tuscanite  View Tuscanite Image   K(Ca,Na)6(Si,Al)10O22(SO4,CO3,(OH)2)·(H2O) Approved IMA 1977
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the Tuscany region of Italy where the mineral was first found.
Tusionite Say Tusionite   MnSn++++(BO3)2 Approved IMA 1983
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Upper Tusion River, Shakhdara Range, southwestern Pamir Mountains, Tadjikistan.
Tuzlaite Say Tuzlaite  View Tuzlaite Image  NaCaB508(0H)2·3(H2O) Approved IMA 1994
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Tuzla salt mine, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Tvalchrelidzeite Say Tvalchrelidzeite   Hg3SbAsS3 Approved IMA 1975
NAME ORIGIN: Named for A. A. Tvalchrelidze, founder of the Georgian Mineralogical-Petrographic School, Russia.
Tvedalite Say Tvedalite (Ca,Mn++)4Be3Si6O17(OH)4·3(H2O) Approved IMA 1992
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the type locality. LOCALITY: Vevja larvikite quarry, Tvedalen, Brunlanes, Vestfold Co., Norway.
Tveitite-(Y) Say Tveitite-(Y)   Ca1-xYxF2+x, x~0.3 Approved IMA 1977
NAME ORIGIN: Named for John Peder Tveit (1909-1978), Norwegian miner, who found it in his quarry.
Tweddillite - See Manganipiemontite-(Sr)
REMARKS: Renamed to Manganipiemontite-(Sr) - Recommended nomenclature of epidote-group minerals, Eur. J. Mineral. 2006, 18, 551-567.
Twinnite Say Twinnite Pb(Sb,As)2S4 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1957
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Robert M. Thompson (1918-1967), Canadian Mineralogist: Thompson means "son of Thomas," which is Aramaic for "twin."
Tychite Say Tychite  View Tychite Image  Na6Mg2(CO3)4(SO4) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1905
NAME ORIGIN: Named from the Greek for "luck or chance" because out of 5,000 northupite crystals, the last 10 were tychite.
Tyretskite Say Tyretskite  View Tyretskite Image Ca2B5O9(OH)·(H2O) Approved IMA 1964
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Tyret railway station, on the east Siberian railway, in the Lena-Angara salt basin, Irkutsk district, Siberia, Russia.
Tyrolite Say Tyrolite  View Tyrolite Images Gallery  CaCu5(AsO4)2(CO3)(OH)4·6(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1845
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the locality. LOCALITY: Brixlegg-Schwaz District, Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria.
Tyrrellite Say Tyrrellite  View Tyrrellite Image  (Cu,Co,Ni)3Se4 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1952
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Joseph Burr Tyrell (1858-1957), first geologist to visit the area of discovery in Canada.
Tysonite - See Fluocerite-(Ce)
Tyuyamunite Say Tyuyamunite  View Tyuyamunite Image  Ca(UO2)2V2O8·5-8(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1912
NAME ORIGIN: Named from its locality. LOCALITY: Found in the Tyuya-Muyun (Tuja Mujun) hill, a northern spur of the Alai Mountains, Ferghana, in Turkestan.
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