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E Mineral Index (129 Count)

This alphabetical listing of E minerals include synonyms of accepted mineral names, pronunciation of that name, name origins, and locality information.

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Ernienickelite Say Ernienickelite  View Ernienickelite Image NiMn++++3O7·3(H2O) Approved IMA 1994
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Ernest (Ernie) Henry Nickel (1925-), Canadian-Australian mineralogist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CISRO) and International Mineralogical Association (IMA).
Erniggliite Say Erniggliite   Tl2SnAs2S6 Approved IMA 1992
NAME ORIGIN: Named in 1992 for Ernst Niggli (b.1917), Swiss mineralogist.
Ernstite Say Ernstite  View Ernstite Image (Mn++1-xFe+++x)Al(PO4)(OH)2-xOx Approved IMA 1970
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Theodor K. A. Ernst (1904-), mineralogist, University of Erlangen, Germany.
Ershovite Say Ershovite  View Ershovite Image   Na4K3(Fe++,Mn++,Ti)2Si8O20(OH)4·5(H2O) Approved IMA 1993
NAME ORIGIN: Named after Prof. Vadim Viktorovich Ershov (1939-1989) of the Moscow Mining Institute.
Ertixiite Say Ertixiite Na2Si4O9 Approved IMA 1985
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Altai No. 3 pegmatite, Ertixi River, Fuyun, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China.
Erythrite Say Erythrite  View Erythrite Image View Erythrite Form  Co3(AsO4)2·8(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1832
NAME ORIGIN: Named from the Greek, erythros for "red."
Erythrosiderite Say Erythrosiderite  View Erythrosiderite Image View Erythrosiderite Form   K2Fe+++Cl5·(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1872
NAME ORIGIN: Named from the Greek, erythros = "red" and sideros = "iron."
Eschynite - See Aeschynite-(Nd)
Eschynite - See Aeschynite-(Ce)
Eschynite - See Aeschynite-(Y)
Eskebornite Say Eskebornite  View Eskebornite Image  CuFeSe2 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1949
NAME ORIGIN: For the Eskeborn adit, Tilkerode, Germany, where first discovered.
Eskimoite Say Eskimoite  View Eskimoite Image Ag7Pb10Bi15S36 Approved IMA 1977
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the Eskimos, the natives of Greenland.
Eskolaite Say Eskolaite  View Eskolaite Image  Cr2O3 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1958
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Pentti Eelis Eskola (1883-1964), of the University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.
Esmeraldaite - See Lepidocrocite
Esmeraldite - See Lepidocrocite
Esperanzaite Say Esperanzaite  View Esperanzaite Image  NaCa2Al2(As+++++O4)2F4(OH)·2(H2O) Approved IMA 1999 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the discovery locality. LOCALITY: La Esperanza mine, Zaragosa mining district, near Madero, State of Durango, Mexico.
Esperite Say Esperite  View Esperite Image PbCa3Zn4(SiO4)4 Approved IMA 1965
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Esper Signius Larsen, Jr. (1879-1961), petrologist and Professor of Geology, Harvard University.
Esseneite Say Esseneite  View Esseneite Image  CaFe+++AlSiO6 Approved IMA 1987
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Eric J. Essene, Professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, and discoverer of the first specimens.
Ethanamide - See Acetamide
Ettringite Say Ettringite  View Ettringite Images Gallery  Ca6Al2(SO4)3(OH)12·26(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1874
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality LOCALITY: Ettringer Bellerberg, Ettringen, Mayen, Eifel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Eucairite Say Eucairite  View Eucairite Image  CuAgSe Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1818
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek for "opportunity," because it was discovered shortly after discovery of the element selenium.
Euchlorine Say Euchlorine  View Euchlorine Image   KNaCu++3(SO4)3O Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1869
NAME ORIGIN: Named from the Greek for pale green, in allusion to the typical color.
Euchroite Say Euchroite  View Euchroite Images Gallery View Euchroite Form  Cu2(AsO4)(OH)·3(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1823
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek eu - "good" and chros - "color."
Euclase Say Euclase  View Euclase Image  BeAlSiO4(OH) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1792
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek eu - "well" and klasis - "breaking."
Eucryptite Say Eucryptite  View Eucryptite Images Gallery  LiAlSiO4 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1880
NAME ORIGIN: Named from the Greek for well and concealed, in reference to its occurrence as intimate intergrowths with albite.
Eudialyte Say Eudialyte  View Eudialyte Images Gallery View Eudialyte Form   Na4(Ca,Ce)2(Fe++,Mn,Y)ZrSi8O22(OH,Cl)2 (?) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1801
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek eu - "well" and dialytos - "decomposable."
Eudidymite Say Eudidymite  View Eudidymite Image  NaBeSi3O7(OH) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1887
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek for well and twinned, in allusion to its common occurrence in twins.
Eugenite Say Eugenite  View Eugenite Images Gallery  Ag9Hg2 Approved IMA 1986
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Eugen Friedrich Stumpfl (1931-), Mineralogist, Mining University Leoben, Austria.
Eugsterite Say Eugsterite Na4Ca(SO4)3·2(H2O) Approved IMA 1981
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Hans P. Eugster (1925-1987), Swiss-American mineralogist, John Hopkins University, awarded the Roebling Medal, 1983.
Eulytine - See Eulytite
Eulytite Say Eulytite  View Eulytite Image  Bi4(SiO4)3 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1827
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek eulitos = "easily liquefiable", in allusion to its low melting point.
Euxenite-(Y) Say Euxenite-(Y)  View Euxenite-(Y) Image   (Y,Ca,Ce)(Nb,Ta,Ti)2O6 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1870
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek for "friendly to strangers, hospitable," in allusion to the rare elements that it contains.
Evansite Say Evansite  View Evansite Image Al3(PO4)(OH)6·6(H2O) (?) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1864
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the English metallurgist, Brooke Evans (1797-1862),
Eveite Say Eveite  View Eveite Image  Mn2(AsO4)(OH) Approved IMA 1967
NAME ORIGIN: Named for its structural and chemical simularities to adamite.
Evenkite Say Evenkite  View Evenkite Image (CH3)2(CH2)22 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1953
NAME ORIGIN: Names after its locality LOCALITY: Evenki Region, Lower Tunguska River, Siberia, Russia.
Eveslogite View Eveslogite Image  (Ca,K,Na,Sr,Ba)48[(Ti,Nb,Fe,Mn)12(OH)12Si48O144](F,OH,Cl)14 Approved IMA 2004 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality LOCALITY: Mt. Eveslogchorr, Khibiny alkaline massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia.
Ewaldite Say Ewaldite    (Ba,Sr)(Ca,Na,Y,Ce)(CO3)2 Approved IMA 1971
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Paul P. Ewald (1888-1985), German crystallographer, founder of Acta Crystallographica, and professor at Brooklyn Polytechnical Institute, New, York.
Eylettersite Say Eylettersite   (Th,Pb)1-xAl3(PO4,SiO4)2(OH)6 (?) Approved IMA 1972
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Mme. Van Wambeke, wife of the discoverer.
Eyselite View Eyselite Images Gallery Fe+++Ge++++3O7(OH) Approved IMA 2004 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Walter Hans Eysel (1935-1999), Professor of Crystallography at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg, Germany, for his contributions to the study of germanates.
Ezcurrite Say Ezcurrite  View Ezcurrite Image  Na4B10O17·7(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1957
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Juan Manuel de Ezcurra (1900-1970), Manager of the Compania Productora de Boratos, S.A., owner of the Tincalayu deposit, Argentina.
Eztlite Say Eztlite  View Eztlite Image Pb2Fe+++6(Te++++O3)3(Te++++++O6)(OH)10·8(H2O) Approved IMA 1982
NAME ORIGIN: Named from the Nahua "eztli," blood, in allusion to the color of the mineral.
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