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S Mineral Index (522 Count)

This alphabetical listing of S minerals include synonyms of accepted mineral names, pronunciation of that name, name origins, and locality information.

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Schiavinatoite View Schiavinatoite Images Gallery  (Nb,Ta)BO4 Approved IMA 2001 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Italian mineralogist Giuseppe Schiavinato (1915-1996).
Schieffelinite Say Schieffelinite  View Schieffelinite Image Pb(Te++++++,S)O4·(H2O) Approved IMA 1980
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Ed Schieffelin (1847-1897), stagecoach driver and prospector who discovered the Tombstone district mines.
Schirmerite Say Schirmerite  View Schirmerite Image Ag3Pb3Bi9S18 to Ag3Pb6Bi7S18 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1874
NAME ORIGIN: Named for J. H. L. Schirmer, superintendent of the U. S. Mint, Denver, Colorado, USA.
Schlegelite  Bi7O4(MoO4)2(AsO4)3 Approved IMA 2003 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Fritz Schlegel, a dedicated mineral collector.
Schlemaite View Schlemaite Image  (Cu,[ ])6(Pb,Bi)Se4 Approved IMA 2003 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the Schlema-Alberoda ore field in the ancient mining region of Saxony, Germany
Schlossmacherite Say Schlossmacherite  View Schlossmacherite Image (H3O,Ca)Al3(AsO4,SO4)2(OH)6 Approved IMA 1980
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Karl Schlossmacher (1887-?), mineralogist and honorary member of the German Gemological Society.
Schmeiderite - See Schmiederite
Schmiederite Say Schmiederite  View Schmiederite Image  Pb2Cu++2(Se++++O3)(Se++++++O4)(OH)4 Approved IMA 1962
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Oscar Schmieder (1891-1980), German geographer, a Director of the Museum of Mineralogy and Geology, National University, C´ordoba, Argentina.
Schmitterite Say Schmitterite  View Schmitterite Image   (UO2)TeO3 Approved IMA 1971
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Eduardo Schmitter Villada (1904-1982), professor of mineralogy, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.
Schneebergite View Schneebergite Image View Schneebergite Form  Bi(Co,Ni)2(AsO4)2(OH,H2O)2 Approved IMA 2002 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Dump material of the "Am Roten Berg" mining area, about 5 km SW of Schneeberg, Saxony, Germay.
Schneiderhoehnite - See Schneiderhohnite
Schneiderhohnite Say Schneiderhohnite  View Schneiderhohnite Image  Fe++Fe+++3As+++5O13 Approved IMA 1973
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Hans Schneiderhöhn (1887-1962), German mineralogist.
Schoderite Say Schoderite  View Schoderite Image Al2(PO4)(VO4)·8(H2O) Approved IMA 1962
NAME ORIGIN: Named for William P. Schoder (1900-1977), U. S. Chemist.
Schoellhornite - See Schollhornite
Schoenfliesite Say Schoenfliesite  View Schoenfliesite Image  MgSn++++(OH)6 Approved IMA 1971
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Arthur Moritz Schoenflies (1853-1928), professor of mathematics, University of Frankfurt.
Schoenite - See Picromerite
Schoepite Say Schoepite  View Schoepite Images Gallery View Schoepite Form   (UO2)8O2(OH)12·12(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1923
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Alfred Schoep (1881-1966), Belgian mineralogist who studied uranium mineralogy.
Schollhornite Say Schollhornite  View Schollhornite Image Na0.3CrS2·(H2O) Approved IMA 1985
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Robert Schollhorn, German chemist.
Scholzite Say Scholzite  View Scholzite Image  CaZn2(PO4)2·2(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1950
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Adolph Scholz (1894-1950), mineral collector and chemist, Regensburg, Germany.
Schoonerite Say Schoonerite  View Schoonerite Image  Fe++2ZnMnFe+++(PO4)3(OH)2·9(H2O) Approved IMA 1977
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Richard Schooner (1925-), mineral collector, Connecticut, USA.
Schorl Say Schorl  View Schorl Images Gallery View Schorl Form  NaFe++3Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)4 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1524 (Dana # Changed from
NAME ORIGIN: Old name of unknown origin.
Schorl-(F) Say Schorl-(F)   NaFe++3Al6Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3(F,OH) Not Submitted IMA (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named as the F analog of the hydroxyl end-member schorl, in the tourmaline group.
Schorlomite Say Schorlomite  View Schorlomite Image View Schorlomite Form  Ca3(Ti,Fe+++,Al)2[(Si,Fe+++,Fe++)O4]3 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1846
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the mineral schorl and from the Greek "homos," the same, in allusion to its resemblance to schorl.
Schreibersite Say Schreibersite  View Schreibersite Image  (Fe,Ni)3P Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1847
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Karl Franz Anton von Schreibers (1775-1852), of Vienna, Austria.
Schreyerite Say Schreyerite  View Schreyerite Image  V+++2Ti3O9 Approved IMA 1976
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Werner Schreyer (1930-), Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany.
Schrockingerite Say Schrockingerite  View Schrockingerite Images Gallery   NaCa3(UO2)(CO3)3(SO4)F·10(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1783
NAME ORIGIN: Named after Julius Freiherr Schrockinger von Neudenberg (1814-1882), who found and described the U occurrence at Jochymov, Bohemia, Czech Republic.
Schroeckingerite - See Schrockingerite
Schrotterite - See Allophane
Schubnelite Say Schubnelite   Fe++(V+++++O4)(H2O) Approved IMA 1970
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Henri J. Schubnel (1935-), French mineralogist.
Schuetteite Say Schuetteite  View Schuetteite Image  Hg3(SO4)O2 Approved IMA 1959
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Curt Nicolaus Schuette (1895-1975), American mining engineer and geologist, specialist in mercury deposits.
Schuilingite-(Nd) Say Schuilingite-(Nd)  View Schuilingite-(Nd) Image   PbCu(Nd,Gd,Sm,Y)(CO3)3(OH)·1.5(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1947
NAME ORIGIN: Named after Hendrik Jan Schuiling (1892-1966), Dutch engineer and Chief Geologist, Union Miniere du Haut-Katanga, former Belgian Congo.
Schulenbergite Say Schulenbergite  View Schulenbergite Image  (Cu,Zn)7(SO4,CO3)2(OH)10·3(H2O) Approved IMA 1984
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Glucksrad mine, near Oberschulenberg (Upper Schulenberg), Harz, Germany.
Schultenite Say Schultenite  View Schultenite Image View Schultenite Form  PbHAsO4 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1926
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Baron August Benjamin de Schulten (1856-1912) of Helsingfors and Paris, who prepared and described artificial crystals of the compound.
Schumacherite Say Schumacherite  View Schumacherite Image Bi3[(V,As,P)O4]2O(OH) Approved IMA 1983
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Friedrich Schumacher, professor, University of Freiberg and Bonn, Germany
Schwartzembergite Say Schwartzembergite   Pb++6(IO3)2O3Cl4 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1864
NAME ORIGIN: Named for H. Schwartzemberg, assayer, Copiapo, Chile.
Schwefel - See Sulfur
Schwertmannite Say Schwertmannite  View Schwertmannite Image Fe+++16O16(OH)12(SO4)2 Approved IMA 1994
NAME ORIGIN: In honor of Udo Schwertmann (1922 - ).
Sclarite Say Sclarite   (Zn,Mg,Mn++)4Zn3(CO3)2(OH)10 Approved IMA 1989
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Charles Bertram Sclar (1925-2001), Geology Department, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
Scleroclase - See Sartorite
Scolecite Say Scolecite  View Scolecite Image  CaAl2Si3O10·3(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1813
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek, skolec = 'worm' in reference to the mineral's reaction to the blowpipe flame.
Scorodite Say Scorodite  View Scorodite Images Gallery View Scorodite Form  Fe+++AsO4·2(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1817
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek skorodon - meaning "garlic" alluding to the arsenic odor when heated.
Scorzalite Say Scorzalite  View Scorzalite Image  (Fe++,Mg)Al2(PO4)2(OH)2 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1947
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Everisto Pena Scorza (1899-?), Brazilian mineralogist, Mineral Survey of Brazil.
Scotiolite - See Hisingerite
Scotlandite Say Scotlandite  View Scotlandite Image  PbSO3 Approved IMA 1984
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the country of origin.
Scrutinyite Say Scrutinyite  View Scrutinyite Image  PbO2 Approved IMA 1988
NAME ORIGIN: The name alludes to the close scrutiny that is necessary to distinguish the mineral from its dimorph, plattnerite.
Sea Foam - See Sepiolite
Seamanite Say Seamanite  View Seamanite Form  Mn3(PO4)B(OH)6 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1930
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Professor Arthur Edmund Seaman (1858-1937), American mineralogist, Michigan College of Mining and Technology, Houghton, Michigan, USA
Searlesite Say Searlesite  View Searlesite Image  NaBSi2O5(OH)2 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1914
NAME ORIGIN: Named after it's locality. LOCALITY: Searles Lake, San Bernardino Co., California.
Sederholmite Say Sederholmite  View Sederholmite Image  NiSe Approved IMA 1964
NAME ORIGIN: Named for J. J. Sederholm, former Director of the Gological Survey of Finland.
Sedovite Say Sedovite   U(MoO4)2 Approved IMA 1965
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Georgii Yakolevich Sedov (1877-1914), Russian polar investigator.
Seeligerite Say Seeligerite  View Seeligerite Image Pb3Cl3(IO3)O Approved IMA 1971
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Erich Seeliger, German mineralogist, Technical University, Berlin.
Seelite-1 Say Seelite-1  View Seelite-1 Form  Mg[(UO2)(AsO3)x(AsO4)1-x]2·7(H2O) Approved IMA 1993
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Paul (1904-1982) and Hilde (1901-1987) Seel, Belgium mineral collectors.
Seelite-2 Say Seelite-2  View Seelite-2 Form  Mg(UO2)(AsO3)x(AsO4)1-x·7(H2O) (x=0.7) Approved IMA 1993
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Paul (1904-1982) and Hilde (1901-1987) Seel, Belgium mineral collectors.
Segelerite Say Segelerite  View Segelerite Image  CaMgFe+++(PO4)2(OH)·4(H2O) Approved IMA 1974
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Curt G. Segeler (1901-1989), amateur mineralogist, New York City.
Segnitite View Segnitite Image PbFe+++3H(AsO4)2(OH)6 Approved IMA 1992
NAME ORIGIN: Named for E. Ralph Segnit (1923-1999), mineralogist and petrologist, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia, for his contributions to Australian mineralogy.
Seidite-(Ce) View Seidite-(Ce) Image   Na4(Ce,Sr)2{Ti(OH)2(Si8O18)}(O,OH,F)4·5(H2O) Approved IMA 1997 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named after Seidozero, literally Lake Seid, the central lake in the Lovozero complex.
Seidozerite Say Seidozerite  View Seidozerite Image  (Na,Ca)2(Zr,Ti,Mn)2Si2O7(O,F)2 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1958
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the locality. LOCALITY: Lovozero massif, near the Muruai and Uel'kuai Rivers, Seidozero region, Kola Peninsula, Russia.
Seifertite View Seifertite Image  SiO2 Approved IMA 2004 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Name for Friedrich A. Seifert (b. 1941), founding Director of the Bayerische Geoinstitut, Universität Bayreuth, Germany, for his important contributions to high-pressure geoscience.
Seinajokite Say Seinajokite   (Fe,Ni)(Sb,As)2 Approved IMA 1976
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: In the Seinäjoki deposit, Vaasa, Finland
Sekaninaite Say Sekaninaite  View Sekaninaite Image  (Fe++,Mg)2Al4Si5O18 Approved IMA 1975
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the Czechoslovakian mineralogist, J. Sekanina (1901-1986).
Selenite - See Gypsum
Selenium Say Selenium  View Selenium Image View Selenium Form  Se Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1828
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek, Selene, "goddess of the Moon" to contrast Tellure, "earth".
Selenojalpaite Ag3CuSe2 Approved IMA 2004 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named as the Se analogue of jalpaite.
Selenolite - See Olsacherite
Selenopolybasite [(Ag,Cu)6(Sb,As)2(S,Se)7][Ag9Cu(S,Se)2Se2] Approved IMA 2006 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named as the selenium dominant analogue of polybasite.
Selenopolybasite-Tac - See Selenopolybasite
Selenostephanite Say Selenostephanite Ag5Sb(Se,S)4 Approved IMA 1985
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the composition and similarity to stephanite.
Selen tellurium - See Selenium
REMARKS: Mixture with tellurium
Selen tellurium - See Tellurium
REMARKS: Mixture with selenium
Seligmannite Say Seligmannite  View Seligmannite Images Gallery View Seligmannite Form  PbCuAsS3 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1902
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Gustav Seligman (1849-1920), German mineral collector.
Sellaite Say Sellaite  View Sellaite Image View Sellaite Form  MgF2 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1868
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Quintino Sella (1827-1884), Italian mining engineer and mineralogist.
Selwynite Say Selwynite  View Selwynite Image  NaK(Be,Al)Zr2(PO4)4·2(H2O) Approved IMA 1995
NAME ORIGIN: For A. R. C. Selwyn (1824-1902), founding director of the Geological Survey of Victoria, Australia.
Semenovite Say Semenovite  View Semenovite Image   (Na,Ca)9(Ce,La)2(Fe++,Mn)(Si,Be)20(O,OH,F)48 Approved IMA 1972
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Yevgeny Ivanovich Semenov, (1951-), Russian mineralogist, IMGRE, Moscow, Russia.
Semseyite Say Semseyite  View Semseyite Images Gallery View Semseyite Form  Pb9Sb8S21 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1881
NAME ORIGIN: For Andor von Semsey (1833-1923), a Hungarian nobleman, who was also an amateur mineralogist.
Senaite Say Senaite  View Senaite Images Gallery  Pb(Ti,Fe,Mn)21O38 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1898
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Joaquim de Costa Sena, Esola de Minas, Ouro Preto, Brazil.
Senarmontite Say Senarmontite  View Senarmontite Image  Sb2O3 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1851
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the French mineralogist, H. Hureau de Senarmot (1808-1862).
Senegalite Say Senegalite  View Senegalite Image  Al2(PO4)(OH)3·(H2O) Approved IMA 1976
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Kourondicko iron ore (magnetite) deposit, Faleme River Basin, Senegal.
Senekevichite  CsKNaCa2TiO[Si7O18(OH)] Proposed IMA 2004 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (CNMNC)
Sengierite Say Sengierite  View Sengierite Image View Sengierite Form   Cu2(UO2)2V2O8·6(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1949
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Edgar Sengier (1879-1963), executive director, Societe Generale de Belgiwue.
Sepiolite - See Yofortierite
REMARKS: Mn bearing
Sepiolite Say Sepiolite  View Sepiolite Image  Mg4Si6O15(OH)2·6(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1847
NAME ORIGIN: From the Greek, sepia - "cuttlefish" and lithos - "stone." From the German, meerschaum meaning "sea froth."
Serandite Say Serandite  View Serandite Image View Serandite Form  Na(Mn++,Ca)2Si3O8(OH) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1931
NAME ORIGIN: Named for J. M. Serand, West African mineral collector.
Serbianite - See Jarandolite
Serendibite Say Serendibite  View Serendibite Image  Ca2(Mg,Al)6(Si,Al,B)6O20 Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1903
NAME ORIGIN: From the old Arabic name, Serendib, for Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
Sergeevite Say Sergeevite Ca2Mg11(CO3)9(HCO3)4(OH)4·6(H2O) Approved IMA 1980
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Evengi M. Sergeev (1914-), engineering geologist, Moscow University.
Serpentine - See Clinochrysotile
Serpierite Say Serpierite  View Serpierite Image View Serpierite Form  Ca(Cu,Zn)4(SO4)2(OH)6·3(H2O) Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1881
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Giovanni Battista Serpieri (1832-1897), Italian mining entrpreneur, founder of the Montecatini Co., and developer of the Laurium mines.
Serrabrancaite View Serrabrancaite Image  MnPO4·(H2O) Approved IMA 1998 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named after the locality. LOCALITY: Alto Serra Branca pegmatite, ~10 km southwest of Pedra Lavrand, Paraiba, Brazil.
Severginite - See Axinite-(Mn)
Sewardite View Sewardite Images Gallery  CaFe+++2(AsO4)2(OH)2 Approved IMA 2002 (Dana # Added)
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Terry Maxwell Seward (1940-) who collected the mineral.
Seybertite - See Clintonite
Shabaite-(Nd) Say Shabaite-(Nd)   Ca(Nd,Sm,Y)2(UO2)(CO3)4(OH)2·6(H2O) Approved IMA 1989
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Kamoto East, 5 km W of Kolwezi, Shaba, Zaire.
Shabynite Say Shabynite  View Shabynite Image Mg5(BO3)Cl2(OH)5·4(H2O) Approved IMA 1980
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Leonid I. Shabynin (1909-), Russian geologist.
Shadlunite Say Shadlunite  View Shadlunite Image (Pb,Cd)(Fe,Cu)8S8 Approved IMA 1973
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Tatanya Shadlun, Russian researcher on ore minerals.
Shafranovskite Say Shafranovskite  View Shafranovskite Image   K2Na3(Mn++,Fe++,Na)4[Si9(O,OH)27](OH)2·n(H2O), n~2.33 Approved IMA 1982
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Ilarion Ilarionovich Shafranovskii (1907-1994), mineralogist and crystallographer at the Mining Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia.
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