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Z Mineral Index (96 Count)

This alphabetical listing of Z minerals include synonyms of accepted mineral names, pronunciation of that name, name origins, and locality information.

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Zunyite Say Zunyite  View Zunyite Image  Al13Si5O20(OH,F)18Cl Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1884
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Zuni mine, Anvil Mountain, Silverton, San Juan County, Colorado, USA.
Zussmanite Say Zussmanite  View Zussmanite Image   K(Fe++,Mg,Mn)13[AlSi17O42](OH)14 Approved IMA 1964
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Jack Zussman (1924-), crystallographer and emeritus professor of geology, Manchester University, England.
Zvyagintsevite Say Zvyagintsevite  View Zvyagintsevite Image  Pd3Pb Approved IMA 1966
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Orest Evgenevich Zvyagintsev, who did geochemical research on the platinum metals.
Zwieselite Say Zwieselite  View Zwieselite Image  (Fe++,Mn)2(PO4)F Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1841
NAME ORIGIN: Named for the locality. LOCALITY: Rebenstein, Zweisel, Bavaria, Germany.
Zykaite Say Zykaite  View Zykaite Image Fe+++4(AsO4)3(SO4)(OH)ยท15(H2O) Approved IMA 1978
NAME ORIGIN: Named for Vaclav Zyka (1926-), Czech geochemist.
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