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General Oxiberaunite Information

Help on Chemical  Formula: Chemical Formula: (Fe+++,Mn+++)Fe+++5(PO4)4O(OH)4•6(H2O)
Help on Composition: Composition: Molecular Weight = 890.86 gm
   Manganese    1.54 %  Mn    2.22 % Mn2O3
   Iron        36.05 %  Fe   51.54 % Fe2O3
   Phosphorus  13.91 %  P    31.87 % P2O5
   Hydrogen     1.81 %  H    16.18 % H2O
   Oxygen      46.69 %  O
              ______        ______ 
              100.00 %      101.80 % = TOTAL OXIDE
Help on Empirical Formula: Empirical Formula: Fe3+5.75Mn3+0.25(PO4)4(OH)4•6(H2O)
Help on Environment: Environment: Considered to be a variety of beraunite.
Help on IMA Status: IMA Status: Not Approved IMA
Help on Locality: Locality: Grube Eleonore, Rodheim-Bieber, Wetzlar, Hessen, Germany. Link to MinDat.org Location Data.
Help on Name Origin: Name Origin: Named as the higher oxidation state analog of beraunite.

Oxiberaunite Image

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Comments: Red-brown ball of radiating acicular oxiberaunite (eleonorite) microcrystals, on pegmatitic matrix.
Location: LCA Mine, Bessemer City, Gaston County, North Carolina, USA. Scale: Box size 3.18 cm x 3.18 cm.
© Richard Dale / Dale Minerals

Oxiberaunite Crystallography

Help on Crystal System: Crystal System: Monoclinic

Physical Properties of Oxiberaunite

Help on Cleavage: Cleavage: {???} Good
Help on Color: Color: Brown red, Reddish brown.
Help on Hardness: Hardness: 3.5-4 - Copper Penny-Fluorite
Help on Streak: Streak: brownish red

Optical Properties of Oxiberaunite

Help on Optical Data: Optical Data:

Calculated Properties of Oxiberaunite

Help on Fermion Index: Fermion Index: Fermion Index = 0.0078686113
Boson Index = 0.9921313887
Help on Photoelectric: Photoelectric: PEOxiberaunite = 11.73 barns/electron
U=PEOxiberaunite x rElectron Density= . barns/cc.
Help on Radioactivity: Radioactivity: GRapi = 0 (Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute Units)
Oxiberaunite is Not Radioactive

Oxiberaunite Classification

Help on  Dana Class: Dana Class: (37)Phosphate Minerals
  (37.00)Without Dana Classification Numbers
  (37.00.00)Phosphate, Basic Hydrated Arnhemite* (K,Na)2Mg2(P2O7)•5(H2O) Unk Hex Arsenowaylandite* BiAl3(AsO4)2(OH)6 R 3m 3 2/m Auroantimonate* AuSbO3 Ortho ? Ortho Barium-zinc-alumopharmacosiderite* (Ba,K)0.5(Zn,Cu)0.5(Al,Fe)4(AsO4)3•5(H2O) I 42m 4 2m Chernovite-(Ce)* (Ce,Y)(AsO4) I 41/amd 4/m 2/m 2/m Churchite-(Dy)* (Dy,Sm,Gd,Nd)(PO4)•2(H2O) Mono Gengenbachite KFe3(H2PO4)2(HPO4)4•6H2OorKFe3H8(PO4)6•6H2O P 63mc 6mm IMA2008-063 Pb[Zn0.25,[]0.75]Fe3H(AsO4)2(OH)6 C 2/c 2/m IMA2009-005 (Y,Ca,REE)5[(Si,P)O4]3F P 63/m 6/m 2/m 2/m IMA2009-016 Cu4H(AsO4)2(OH)3•H2O P1 1 Kerstenite? PbSeO4(?) P nma 2/m 2/m 2/m Krasnoselskite* CoWO4 P 2/c 2/m Laubmannite? Fe3Fe6(PO4)4(OH)12 Unk Ortho Oxiberaunite* (Fe,Mn)Fe5(PO4)4O(OH)4•6(H2O) Mono Parwanite (Na,K)(Mg,Ca)4Al8(PO4)8(CO3)(OH)7•30H2O P 2, Pm, P 2/m, P 21, Mono Pyrocoproite* (Mg(K,Na))2P2O7 Unk Mono Pyrophosphite* K2CaP2O7 P 21/n 2/m Zinclavendulan? NaCa(Zn,Cu)5(AsO4)4Cl•4-5(H2O) Unk Ortho
Help on  Strunz Class: Strunz Class: 08.DC.207. 08 - PHOSPHATES, ARSENATES, VANADATES
  08.D - Phosphates, etc
  08.DC -With only medium-sized cations, (OH, etc.):RO4 = 1:1 and < 2:1
08.DC.207. Oxiberaunite* (Fe,Mn)Fe5(PO4)4O(OH)4•6(H2O) Mono

Other Oxiberaunite Information

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Dana No: Strunz No: 08.DC.207.





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