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General Rubicline Information

Help on Chemical  Formula: Chemical Formula: (Rb,K)AlSi3O8
Help on Composition: Composition: Molecular Weight = 313.11 gm
   Potassium   3.12 %  K     3.76 % K2O
   Rubidium   20.47 %  Rb   22.39 % Rb2O
   Aluminum    8.62 %  Al   16.28 % Al2O3
   Silicon    26.91 %  Si   57.57 % SiO2
   Oxygen     40.88 %  O
             ______        ______ 
             100.00 %      100.00 % = TOTAL OXIDE
Help on Empirical Formula: Empirical Formula: Rb0.75K0.25AlSi3O8
Help on Environment: Environment: Found in a veinlet of rubidian microcline cutting pollucite in a rare-element-bearing granitic pegmatite. The rubidium dominant analog of microcline.
Help on IMA Status: IMA Status: Approved IMA 1998 (Dana # Added)
Help on Locality: Locality: San Piero in Campo, Elba, Italy. Link to MinDat.org Location Data.
Help on Name Origin: Name Origin: The name reflects its compositional and structural attributes as the rubidium analog of microcline.
Help on Name Pronunciation: Name Pronunciation: Rubicline + Pronunciation Say RUBICLINE
Help on Synonym: Synonym: IMA1996-058