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General Spodiophyllite Information

Help on Chemical  Formula: Chemical Formula: (Na,K)4(Mg,Fe++)3(Fe+++,Al)2(Si8O24)
Help on Composition: Composition: Molecular Weight = 910.57 gm
   Potassium   4.29 %  K     5.17 % K2O
   Sodium      7.57 %  Na   10.21 % Na2O
   Magnesium   6.01 %  Mg    9.96 % MgO
   Aluminum    1.48 %  Al    2.80 % Al2O3
   Iron       13.80 %  Fe    5.92 % FeO / 13.15 % Fe2O3
   Silicon    24.68 %  Si   52.79 % SiO2
   Oxygen     42.17 %  O
             ______        ______ 
             100.00 %      100.00 % = TOTAL OXIDE
Help on Empirical Formula: Empirical Formula: Na3KMg2.25Fe2+0.75Fe3+1.5Al0.5Si8O24
Help on Environment: Environment: Related to tainiolite?
Help on IMA Status: IMA Status: Discredited IMA 1998 (Mica Nomenclature Subcommittee) - Valid Species (PreIMA) 1900
Help on Locality: Locality: Narsarsuk, Julianehaab distr., southern Greenland. Link to MinDat.org Location Data.
Help on Name Origin: Name Origin: Named from the Greek for SPODIOS (color ash) and PYLLON (leaf) habit.

Spodiophyllite Image

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Comments: Gray to black prismatic spodiophyllite crystals in matrix.
Location: Mt. Kukisvumtchorr, Chibiny, Kola, Russia. Scale: Specimen Size 4x4 cm.
© Diederik Visser

Spodiophyllite Crystallography

Help on Crystal System: Crystal System: Monoclinic

Physical Properties of Spodiophyllite

Help on Cleavage: Cleavage: {001} Perfect
Help on Color: Color: Ash gray.
Help on Density: Density: 2.6
Help on Diaphaneity: Diaphaneity: Translucent to subtranslucent
Help on Habit: Habit: Micaceous - Platy texture with "flexible" plates.
Help on Habit: Habit: Prismatic - Crystals Shaped like Slender Prisms (e.g. tourmaline).
Help on Hardness: Hardness: 3-3.5 - Calcite-Copper Penny
Help on Luster: Luster: Pearly
Help on Streak: Streak: white

Optical Properties of Spodiophyllite

Help on Optical Data: Optical Data: NCalc= 1.57 - from Gladstone-Dale relationship (KC = 0.2176) where Ncalc=Dmeas*KC+1

Calculated Properties of Spodiophyllite

Help on Electron Density: Electron Density: Bulk Density (Electron Density)=2.56 gm/cc
note: Specific Gravity of Spodiophyllite =2.60 gm/cc.
Help on Fermion Index: Fermion Index: Fermion Index = 0.02
Boson Index = 0.98
Help on Photoelectric: Photoelectric: PESpodiophyllite = 5.76 barns/electron
U=PESpodiophyllite x relectron= 14.74 barns/cc.
Help on Radioactivity: Radioactivity:

GRapi = 60.96 (Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute Units)
Concentration of Spodiophyllite per GRapi unit = 1.64 (%)

Estimated Radioactivity from Spodiophyllite - barely detectable


Spodiophyllite Classification

Help on  Dana Class: Dana Class: (71)Phyllosilicate Minerals
  (71.00)Without Dana Classification Numbers
  (71.00.00)Brittle Mica Group Bariumbannisterite* (K,H3O)(Ba,Ca)(Mn,Fe,Mg)21(Si,Al)32O80(O,OH)16•4-12(H2O) Mono Ekmanite? (Fe,Mg,Mn,Fe)3(Si,Al)4O10(OH)2•2(H2O) Unk Ortho Griffithite* 4(Mg,Fe,Ca)O.(Al,Fe)2O3.5SiO2•7(H2O) Mono Orlovite KLi2TiSi4O11F C 2 2 Shlykovite KCa[Si4O9(OH)]•3H2O P 21/c 2/m Spodiophyllite? (Na,K)4(Mg,Fe)3(Fe,Al)2(Si8O24) Mono Voloshinite Rb(LiAl1.5[]0.5)(Al0.5Si3.5)O10F2 C 2/c 2/m
Help on  Strunz Class: Strunz Class: 09.BX.00 09 - SILICATES (Germanates)
  09.B - Unclassified Strunz Phyllosilicates
  09.BX -Brittle Mica Group
09.BX.00 Spodiophyllite? (Na,K)4(Mg,Fe)3(Fe,Al)2(Si8O24) Mono
09.BX.00 Pimelite? Ni3Si4O10(OH)2•4(H2O) Unk. Hex
09.BX.00 Zinalsite Zn2AlSi2O5(OH)4•2(H2O)(?) Mono
09.BX.00 Voloshinite Rb(LiAl1.5[]0.5)(Al0.5Si3.5)O10F2 C 2/c 2/m
09.BX.00 Shlykovite KCa[Si4O9(OH)]•3H2O P 21/c 2/m
09.BX.00 Orlovite KLi2TiSi4O11F C 2 2
09.BX.00 IMA2009-011 Ba3Na(Fe,Mn)8Ti4(Si2O7)4O4(OH,F)7 C1 1

Other Spodiophyllite Information

Help on References: References: NAME( Ford32) PHYS. PROP.(Enc. of Minerals,1st ed.,1974)
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Dana No: Strunz No: 09.BX.00





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