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General Zajacite-(Ce) Information

Help on Chemical  Formula: Chemical Formula: Na(REExCa1-x)(REEyCa1-y)F6 where (x ne y)
Help on Composition: Composition: Molecular Weight = 295.08 gm
   Sodium            7.79 %  Na   10.50 % Na2O
   Calcium          16.98 %  Ca   23.76 % CaO
   La,Ce,Pr,Nd,Sm,  36.60 %  RE   42.70 % REE2O3
   Fluorine         38.63 %  F    38.63 % F
                      -   %   F   -16.27 % -O=F2    
                   ______        ______ 
                   100.00 %       99.32 % = TOTAL OXIDE
Help on Empirical Formula: Empirical Formula: NaREE0.5Ca0.5REE0.25Ca0.75F6
Help on Environment: Environment: In a Precambrian perialkaline granitic complex.
Help on IMA Status: IMA Status: Approved IMA 1995
Help on Locality: Locality: The Strange Lake rare-earth-element deposit, about 250 km northeast of Schefferville, Quebec, on the Quebec-Labrador border, Canada. Link to MinDat.org Location Data.
Help on Name Origin: Name Origin: For Dr. Ihor Stephan Zajac (1935- ), the geologist who lead the exploration group that discovered the Strange Lake deposit and who first reconized the mineral.
Help on Name Pronunciation: Name Pronunciation: Zajacite-(Ce) Say ZAJACITE-(CE)
Help on Synonym: Synonym: IMA1993-038