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"X" Minerals Structure File Index

There are 18 Structure files from 10 "X" Minerals as of 06/18/2024

jPOWD Applet
Click on mineral name in the Index of Mineral Structures for a large interactive display (jPOWD Applet) of the chemical structure. This applet requires Java and Specifically the SUN Java Virtural Machine installed/enabled on the client browser. If you have Java installed but no crystal structure appears in the window on the left, you probably have the obsolete MicroSoft Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer. See www.java.com for the proper Java plug-in required to view the interactive structural data. Follow this link for a discussion on mineral structures.

Warning: This applet runs in your browser (client side application) and is very compute intensive. It may not run on older computers.

See Help on Mineral Structure Applet for background on the displays.

Xanthiosite  [0]
Xanthoconite  [0]
Xenon  [0]
Xenotime-(Y)  [0]
Xenotime-(Yb)  [0]
Xenotime  [0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Xifengite  [0]
Xilingolite  [0]
Ximengite  [0]
Xonotlite  [0] [1] [2] [3]