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Bob's Rock Shop contains free software and data for MinDB (Mike Mcormack). Carbonate-Bearing Minerals: by L. Bruce Railsback, Department of Geology, University of Georgia.  This is a listing of all known carbonate-bearing minerals for which names have been approved by the IMA's CNMMN. Crocoite.com is one site to guide you to the minerals and mineral localities of Tasmania, mainland Australia, and New Zealand. Search mineral localities and minerals for sale. Ecole des Mines de Paris contains extensive listings of name origins and scientific references of mineral species. Euromin project provides information about minerals preserved in the great museums of Europe. Franklin & Sterling Hill Minerals provides a complete listing of the unique minerals found at Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey. Many of these minerals fluoresce in vivid colors when viewed with an ultraviolet light.  International Mineralogical Association (IMA) was established in 1958 as a non-profit organization with the mission to further international co-operation in the mineralogical sciences. Institute of Experimental Mineralogy presents WWW-MINCRYST, the Crystallographic Database for Minerals. This is a first-class mineral database with x-ray, crystal structure and unit cell information in a searchable database. Le monde des min�raux "The world of minerals" consists of approximately 3500 species. Microscopic or gigantic, these crystals are encased in rock for millions years, even billions years, before we view them. Micro-Taunus - Website of Carsten Sukatsch and Michael Schur featuring images and data on minerals found in the Taunus Mountains of Germany. The site is in German. MinDat.org's purpose is to provide an online mineralogical reference and locality resource for collectors and mineralogy students worldwide. This is Jolyon Ralph's on-line re-incarnation of the MinExplorer97 program.  Authorized users can update data. Mineral 1.0 is a study site created for the students at Simon Fraser University. It covers all the common rock-forming minerals that are needed in a beginning geology course. Features on-line mineral quizzes to test the student's knowledge. Michele Macr� Mineralogy is an Italian site which features mineral data and other activities. The site is in English and Italiano. Mineralienatlas is a German language site with mineral and fossil data and images. They provide an on-line reference for mineral and fossil data. Authorized users can update data. Minerali del Piemonte is a beautiful Italian site by Tiziano Barardi which showcases the minerals that occur in the Piemonte region of Italy. Minerals between the Big-bang and stars by Yves Isabelle (in French) contains Characteristics: Cleavage, Colors, Density, Luster, Elemental Formulae, Chemical Properties, Synonyms, System, Transparency, and Uses. Minerals of Scotland  features several articles about the minerals found in Scotland; a few landscape photos, and many, excellent mineral photos. MinMax is a complete Mineral-Information-System; a database of Minerals and Mineral collecting locations. For the German version of this site click here. Authorized users can update data. theImage is dedicated to high quality video imaging and scanning, with an emphasis on minerals, gemstones, microscopy, and tutorials.  Their site contains many images of minerals and gemstones along with pertinent data.  The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom is an online reference to minerals and gemstones. University of Bremen Mineral cabinet is currently displaying 272 specimens of common minerals taken from the collection of the Department of Mineralogy/Petrography. For the German version of this site click here.

Uranium and Thorium Minerals of the World. A Database of Their Properties and Occurrences with Images from Paul Schumacher.

Virtual Atlas of Opaque and Ore Minerals is sponsored by the Society of Mining Engineers (SME). WebMineral  is a mineralogical atlas created by BRGM. This is a Java based website with nice mineral pictures that has an, unfortunately,  painfully slow connection to the internet from my location.