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 Clinoholmquistite, Magnesioclinoholmquistite, Fluoro-sodic-pedrizite

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Mineral: Clinoholmquistite: [ ](Li2Mg3Al2)Si8O22(OH)2  
Magnesioclinoholmquistite: Li2(Mg,Fe++)3Al2Si8O22(OH)2  
Fluoro-sodic-pedrizite: NaLi2(Mg2Al2Li)S5Si8O22F2
Comments: Dark blue fibrous clinoholmquistite with radiating structure, variety magnesioclinoholmquistite. Clinoholmsquitite may be a new aphibole, fluoro-sodic-pedrizite..
Location: Near Murun, Republic of Sakha, Siberia, Russia.
Scale: See Photo.
Copyright: © Jeff Weissman / Photographic Guide to Mineral Species
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