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 Ramanite-(Rb), Ramanite-(Cs), Santite

Large Ramanite-(Rb) Image

Mineral: Ramanite-(Rb): Rb[B5O6(OH)4]·2H2O  
Ramanite-(Cs): Cs[B5O6(OH)4]·2H2O  
Santite: KB5O6(OH)4·2(H2O)
Comments: Unheated Type-B melt inclusions in graphic quartz. 1 = ramanite-(Cs), 2 = sassolite, 3 = ramanite-(Rb), 4 = santite, 5 = topaz, V = vapor. (AmMin, v93:1035).
Location: Graphic pegmatite quartz from the Island of Elba, Italy.
Scale: Scale Bar 15µm.
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