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 Tischendorfite, Tiemannite, Chrisstanleyite

Large Tischendorfite Image

Mineral: Tischendorfite: Pd8Hg3Se9  
Tiemannite: HgSe  
Chrisstanleyite: Ag2Pd3Se4
Comments: Polished section (PPL) showing tischendorfite (T, cream), clausthalite (Cl, off-white), tiemannite (Tie, gray), ankerite (black) and chrisstanleyite (C, greenish buff to pale brown).
Location: Eskaborner Stollen (Eskeborn Adit) at Tilkerode, Harz, Mountains, Germany. (CanMin v40:739).
Scale: Picture Size 275 µm.
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