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Calcybeborosilite-(Y) Bafertisite Image

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 Calcybeborosilite-(Y), Bafertisite

Large Calcybeborosilite-(Y) Image

Mineral: Calcybeborosilite-(Y): (REE,Ca)2[ ](B,Be)2(SiO4)2(OH,O)2  
Bafertisite: Ba(Fe++,Mn)2TiSi2O7(O,OH)2
Comments: Greenish-gray calcybeborosilite-(Y) grain intergrow with orange bafertisite platelet (upper left corner of the later). Associatied minerals are violet fluorite, white albite, black aegirine, light-yellow (red under UV lamp) cleiophane.
Location: Darai-Pioz (Dara-i-Pioz; Dara-Pioz) Glacier, Alai (Alayskiy) Range, Tien Shan Mts, Region of Republican Subordination, Tajikistan.
Scale: Picture Size 12x10 mm.
Copyright: © Pavel M. Kartashov
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