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 Kumtyubeite, Srebrodolskite, Wadalite Rondorfite

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Mineral: Kumtyubeite: Ca5(SiO4)2F2  
Srebrodolskite: Ca2Fe+++2O5  
Wadalite: Ca6Al5Si2O16Cl3  
Rondorfite: Ca8Mg(SiO4)4Cl2
Comments: BSE image of kumtyubeite (Kmt) associated with srebrodolskite (Srb), bultfonteinite (Blt), Ca- kydrosilicates, wadalite (Wad), rondorfite (Rndr), and ettringite (dark gray). (AmMin, v94:1361).
Location: Rock-forming mineral found in skarn carbonate-xenoliths in ignimbrites of the Upper Chegem volcanic structure, Kabardino-Balkaria, Northern Caucasus, Russia.
Scale: See Image.
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