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Nickel-Strunz Carbonates Classification

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Minerals Arranged by Nickel-Strunz (Version 10) Classification

The Nickel-Strunz 10th Edition (Pending Publication) Mineralogical Tables by Hugo Strunz and Ernest H. Nickel is based on a digital copy obtained from Jim Ferraiolo. Jim is responsible for the Strunz Classification in Mindat.org and he has generously provided webmineral with an updated copy of the classification numbers. Follow this link for a short discussion on the Nickel-Strunz Classification Number.

Note: Space Group in Red   Point Group in Green.
* - Not IMA Approved.

! - Dana Number Added or Changed.

? - IMA Discredited Mineral Name.

Nickel-Strunz Carbonates Classification

05.A Carbonates without additional anions, without H2O

05.AA Alkali Carbonates

05.AA.05 Zabuyelite Li2CO3 C 2/c 2/m
05.AA.10 Gregoryite (Na2,K2,Ca)CO3 P 63mc 6mm
05.AA.10 Natrite Na2CO3 C 2 or Cm Mono
05.AA.15 Nahcolite NaHCO3 P 21/n 2/m
05.AA.20 Kalicinite KHCO3 P 21/a 2/m
05.AA.25 Teschemacherite (NH4)HCO3 Pccn 2/m 2/m 2/m
05.AA.30 Wegscheiderite Na5(CO3)(HCO3)3 P1 1

05.AB Alkali-earth (and other M2+) carbonates

05.AB.05 Calcite CaCO3 R 3c 3 2/m
05.AB.05 Gaspeite (Ni,Mg,Fe++)CO3 R 3c 3 2/m
05.AB.05 Magnesite MgCO3 R 3c 3 2/m
05.AB.05 Rhodochrosite MnCO3 R 3c 3 2/m
05.AB.05 Otavite CdCO3 R 3c 3 2/m
05.AB.05 Sphaerocobaltite CoCO3 R 3c 3 2/m
05.AB.05 Siderite Fe++CO3 R 3c 3 2/m
05.AB.05 Smithsonite ZnCO3 R 3c 3 2/m
05.AB.10 Ankerite Ca(Fe++,Mg,Mn)(CO3)2 R 3 3
05.AB.10 Dolomite CaMg(CO3)2 R 3 3
05.AB.10 Kutnohorite Ca(Mn,Mg,Fe++)(CO3)2 R 3 3
05.AB.10 Minrecordite CaZn(CO3)2 R 3 3
05.AB.15 Cerussite PbCO3 Pmcn 2/m 2/m 2/m
05.AB.15 Aragonite CaCO3 Pmcn 2/m 2/m 2/m
05.AB.15 Strontianite SrCO3 Pmcn 2/m 2/m 2/m
05.AB.15 Witherite BaCO3 Pmcn 2/m 2/m 2/m
05.AB.20 Vaterite CaCO3 P 63/mmc 6/m 2/m 2/m
05.AB.25 Huntite CaMg3(CO3)4 R 32 3 2
05.AB.30 Norsethite BaMg(CO3)2 R 32 3 2
05.AB.35 Alstonite BaCa(CO3)2 P1 or P1 Tri
05.AB.40 Olekminskite Sr(Sr,Ca,Ba)(CO3)2 P 321 3 2
05.AB.40 Paralstonite BaCa(CO3)2 P 321 3 2
05.AB.45 Barytocalcite BaCa(CO3)2 P 21 2
05.AB.50 Carbocernaite (Ca,Na)(Sr,Ce,Ba)(CO3)2 P mc21 mm2
05.AB.55 Benstonite (Ba,Sr)6(Ca,Mn)6Mg(CO3)13 R 3 3
05.AB.60 Juangodoyite! Na2Cu(CO3)2 P 21/a 2/m

05.AC Alkali and alkali-earth carbonates

05.AC.05 Eitelite Na2Mg(CO3)2 R 3 3
05.AC.10 Nyerereite Na2Ca(CO3)2 C mc21 mm2
05.AC.10 Natrofairchildite Na2Ca(CO3)2 P 63/mmc 6/m 2/m 2/m
05.AC.10 Zemkorite (Na,K)2Ca(CO3)2 P 63/mmc, P 63mc, P 62c- Hex
05.AC.15 Butschliite K2Ca(CO3)2 R 3m 3 2/m
05.AC.20 Fairchildite K2Ca(CO3)2 P 63/mmc 6/m 2/m 2/m
05.AC.25 Shortite Na2Ca2(CO3)3 Amm2 mm2
05.AC.30 Sanromanite! Na2CaPb3(CO3)5 P 63mc 6mm
05.AC.30 Burbankite (Na,Ca)3(Sr,Ba,Ce)3(CO3)5 P 63/mmc 6/m 2/m 2/m
05.AC.30 Calcioburbankite Na3(Ca,REE,Sr)3(CO3)5 P 63mc 6mm
05.AC.30 Khanneshite (NaCa)3(Ba,Sr,Ce,Ca)3(CO3)5 P 63mc 6mm

05.AD With rare-earth elements (REE)

05.AD.05 Sahamalite-(Ce) (Mg,Fe++)Ce2(CO3)4 P 21/a 2/m
05.AD.15 Remondite-(Ce) Na3(Ce,La,Ca,Na,Sr)3(CO3)5 P 21 2
05.AD.15 Petersenite-(Ce) (Na,Ca)4(Ce,La,Nd)2(CO3)5 P 21 2
05.AD.15 Remondite-(La)! Na3(La,Ce,Ca)3(CO3)5 P 21 2
05.AD.20 Paratooite-(La)! REE3(Ca,Sr)2NaCu(CO3)8 P 222 or P 2221 2 2 2