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Nickel-Strunz Borates Classification

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Minerals Arranged by Nickel-Strunz (Version 10) Classification

The Nickel-Strunz 10th Edition (Pending Publication) Mineralogical Tables by Hugo Strunz and Ernest H. Nickel is based on a digital copy obtained from Jim Ferraiolo. Jim is responsible for the Strunz Classification in Mindat.org and he has generously provided webmineral with an updated copy of the classification numbers. Follow this link for a short discussion on the Nickel-Strunz Classification Number.

Note: Space Group in Red   Point Group in Green.
* - Not IMA Approved.

! - Dana Number Added or Changed.

? - IMA Discredited Mineral Name.

Nickel-Strunz Borates Classification

06.B Diborates

06.BA Neso-diborates with double triangles B2(O,OH)5; 2(2D); 2(2D) + OH, etc.

06.BA.05 Suanite Mg2B2O5 P 21/a 2/m
06.BA.10 Clinokurchatovite Ca(Mg,Fe++,Mn)B2O5 P 21/b 2/m
06.BA.10 Kurchatovite Ca(Mg,Mn,Fe++)B2O5 P 212121 2 2 2
06.BA.15 Sussexite MnBO2(OH) P 21/c 2/m
06.BA.15 Szaibelyite MgBO2(OH) P 21/a 2/m
06.BA.20 Wiserite Mn4B2O5(OH,Cl)4 P 4/n 4/m

06.BB Neso-diborates with double tetrahedra B2O(OH)6; 2(2T)

06.BB.05 Pinnoite MgB2O4•3(H2O) P 42 4
06.BB.10 Pentahydroborite CaB2O(OH)6•2(H2O) P1 1

06.BC Ino-diborates with triangles and/or tetrahedra

06.BC.10 Calciborite CaB2O4 Pccn 2/m 2/m 2/m
06.BC.10 Aldzhanite* CaMgB2O4Cl•7(H2O) (?) Unk Ortho
06.BC.15 Vimsite CaB2O2(OH)4 C 2/c 2/m
06.BC.20 Sibirskite CaHBO3 P 21/a 2/m
06.BC.20 Parasibirskite! Ca2B2O5•(H2O) P 21/m 2/m

06.BD Tektodiborates with tetrahedra

06.BD.05 Santarosaite! CuB2O4 I 42d; 4 2m