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Nickel-Strunz Silicates Classification

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Minerals Arranged by Nickel-Strunz (Version 10) Classification

The Nickel-Strunz 10th Edition (Pending Publication) Mineralogical Tables by Hugo Strunz and Ernest H. Nickel is based on a digital copy obtained from Jim Ferraiolo. Jim is responsible for the Strunz Classification in Mindat.org and he has generously provided webmineral with an updated copy of the classification numbers. Follow this link for a short discussion on the Nickel-Strunz Classification Number.

Note: Space Group in Red   Point Group in Green.
* - Not IMA Approved.

! - Dana Number Added or Changed.

? - IMA Discredited Mineral Name.

Nickel-Strunz Silicates Classification

09.H Unclassified Silicates

09.HA With alkali and alkali-earth Elements

09.HA.05 Ertixiite Na2Si4O9 P a3 2/m 3
09.HA.10 Kenyaite Na2Si22O41(OH)8•6(H2O) P? Mono
09.HA.20 Wawayandaite Ca12Mn4B2Be18Si12O46(OH,Cl)30 [Ortho] P 2/c or Pc Mono
09.HA.25 Magbasite KBa(Al,Sc)(Mg,Fe++)6Si6O20F2 P? Ortho
09.HA.50 Rudenkoite! Sr3Al3[(Si,Al)4O10](OH,O)8Cl2•H2O P 2/m, P 2 or Pm Mono
09.HA.55 Foshallasite? Ca3Si2O7•3(H2O) Mono
09.HA.60 Nagelschmidtite Ca7(SiO4)3(PO4)2 Unk Hex
09.HA.65 Caryochroite! (Na,Sr)3(Fe+++,Mg)10[Ti2Si12O37](O,OH)9•8H2O P 2/n (?) 2/m
09.HA.70 Juanite Ca10Mg4Al2Si11O39•4(H2O) (?) Unk Ortho
09.HA.75 Tacharanite Ca12Al2Si18O33(OH)36 A centered Mono
09.HA.80 Oyelite Ca10B2Si8O29•12(H2O) B**** Ortho
09.HA.85 Denisovite (K,Na)Ca2Si3O8(F,OH) Mono
09.HA.90 Tiettaite (Na,K)17Fe+++TiSi16O29(OH)30•2(H2O) C mcm,C mc21,C 2mc Ortho

09.HB With Ti, V, Cr

09.HB.05 Ilmajokite (Na,Ce,La,Ba)2TiSi3O5(OH)10•n(H2O) (?) C 2/c or Cc Mono
09.HB.10 Rilandite (Cr,Al)6SiO11•5(H2O) (?) Mono ? Mono

09.HC With Mn, Fe

09.HC.05 Erlianite (Fe++,Mg)4(Fe+++,V+++)2[Si6O15](O,OH)8 Pmmn,Pm21 Ortho
09.HC.10 Bostwickite CaMn+++6Si3O16•7(H2O) Unk Ortho

09.HE With Cu, Zn

09.HE.05 Gilalite Cu5Si6O17•7(H2O) Unk Mono
09.HE.10 Apachite Cu9Si10O29•11(H2O) Unk Mono

09.HF With Nb, Ta, Zr

09.HF.05 Mongolite Ca4Nb6Si5O24(OH)10•5(H2O) Unk Tetra
09.HF.10 Loudounite NaCa5Zr4Si16O40(OH)11•8(H2O) Mono

09.HG With REE, Th

09.HG.15 Umbozerite Na3Sr4ThSi8(O,OH)24 None
09.HG.20 Rowlandite-(Y) Y4Fe++Si4O14F2 (?) None

09.HH With Pb

09.HH.05 Macquartite Pb3Cu(CrO4)(SiO3)(OH)4•2(H2O) C 2/m ? 2/m
09.HH.10 Luddenite Pb2Cu2Si5O14•14(H2O) Unk Mono
09.HH.15 Creaseyite Pb2Cu2(Fe+++,Al)2Si5O17•6(H2O) P mmm 2/m 2/m 2/m
09.HH.20 Plumbotsumite Pb5Si4O8(OH)10 C 2221 2 2 2
09.HH.25 Molybdophyllite Pb9Mg9Si9O24(OH)24 P 6322 6 2 2

09.HX Silicate, Unclassified

09.HX.00 IMA2007-041T Na2[Ti4O2(OH)2(SiO4)3]•6H2O R 3m 3m
09.HX.00 Plumbophyllite Pb2Si4O10•H2O P bcn 2/m 2/m 2/m
09.HX.00 Cryptophyllite K2Ca[Si4O10]•5H2O P 21/n 2/m
09.HX.00 Iddingsite? MgO.Fe2O3.3SiO2•4(H2O) Ortho