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General Gwihabaite Information

Help on Chemical  Formula: Chemical Formula: (NH4,K)(NO3)
Help on Composition: Composition: Molecular Weight = 85.31 gm
   Potassium  11.46 %  K
   Hydrogen    3.54 %  H
   Nitrogen   28.73 %  N
   Oxygen     56.26 %  O
             100.00 % 
Help on Empirical Formula: Empirical Formula: (NH4)0.75K0.25(NO3)
Help on Environment: Environment: As efflorescences on the walls, boulders, bat quano, and earthy floor of the cave and as saline crusts coating boulders in a dolomite hill in the Kalahari Basin.
Help on IMA Status: IMA Status: Approved IMA 1999 (Dana # Added)
Help on Locality: Locality: Gewihaba Cave (also known as Drotsky's Cave), northwestern Botswana, 280 km west of Maun. Link to MinDat.org Location Data.
Help on Name Origin: Name Origin: Named after it's locality.
Help on Name Pronunciation: Name Pronunciation: Gwihabaite + Pronunciation Say GWIHABAITE
Help on Synonym: Synonym: ICSD 28078
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