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Nickel-Strunz Silicates Classification

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Minerals Arranged by Nickel-Strunz (Version 10) Classification

The Nickel-Strunz 10th Edition (Pending Publication) Mineralogical Tables by Hugo Strunz and Ernest H. Nickel is based on a digital copy obtained from Jim Ferraiolo. Jim is responsible for the Strunz Classification in Mindat.org and he has generously provided webmineral with an updated copy of the classification numbers. Follow this link for a short discussion on the Nickel-Strunz Classification Number.

Note: Space Group in Red   Point Group in Green.
* - Not IMA Approved.

! - Dana Number Added or Changed.

? - IMA Discredited Mineral Name.

Nickel-Strunz Silicates Classification

09.F Tektosilicates without Zeolitic H2O

09.FA Tektosilicates without additional non-tetrahedral anions, (Al,B):Si = 1:1

09.FA.05 Nepheline (Na,K)AlSiO4 P 63 6
09.FA.05 Kaliophilite KAlSiO4 P 6322 6 2 2
09.FA.05 Kalsilite KAlSiO4 P 31c 3m
09.FA.05 Panunzite (K,Na)AlSiO4 P 63 6
09.FA.05 Trikalsilite (K,Na)AlSiO4 P 63 6
09.FA.05 Megakalsilite! KAlSiO4 P 63 6
09.FA.05 Yoshiokaite (Ca8-(x/2)[ ](x/2)Al16-xSixO32) P 3 3
09.FA.10 Malinkoite! NaBSiO4 P 63 6
09.FA.15 Virgilite LixAlxSi3-xO6 P 6222,P 6422 6 2 2
09.FA.25 Lisitsynite! KBSi2O6 P 212121 2 2 2
09.FA.30 Buddingtonite (NH4)AlSi3O8•0.5(H2O) P 21 or P 21/m Mono
09.FA.30 Celsian BaAl2Si2O8 I21/c 2/m
09.FA.30 Anorthoclase (Na,K)AlSi3O8 C1 1
09.FA.30 Hyalophane (K,Ba)Al(Si,Al)3O8 C 2/m 2/m
09.FA.30 Orthoclase KAlSi3O8 C 2/m 2/m
09.FA.30 Microcline KAlSi3O8 C1 1
09.FA.30 Rubicline! (Rb,K)AlSi3O8 P1 1
09.FA.30 Sanidine (K,Na)(Si,Al)4O8 C 2/m 2/m
09.FA.35 Reedmergnerite NaBSi3O8 C1 1
09.FA.35 Albite NaAlSi3O8 C1 1
09.FA.35 Bytownite* (Ca,Na)(Si,Al)4O8 C1 1
09.FA.35 Anorthite CaAl2Si2O8 P1,I1 1
09.FA.35 Andesine* (Na,Ca)(Si,Al)4O8 C1 1
09.FA.35 Labradorite* (Ca,Na)(Si,Al)4O8 C1 1
09.FA.35 Oligoclase (Na,Ca)(Si,Al)4O8 C1 1
09.FA.35 Plagioclase* (Na,Ca)(Si,Al)4O8 C1 1
09.FA.40 Paracelsian BaAl2Si2O8 P 21/c 2/m
09.FA.45 Kumdykolite NaAlSi3O8 P 2nn or Pmnn Ortho
09.FA.45 Svyatoslavite CaAl2Si2O8 P 21 2
09.FA.50 Slawsonite (Sr,Ca)Al2Si2O8 P 21/a 2/m
09.FA.55 Lisetite Na2CaAl4Si4O16 Pbc2 mm2
09.FA.60 Banalsite BaNa2Al4Si4O16 Iba2 mm2
09.FA.60 Stronalsite SrNa2Al4Si4O16 Iba2 mm2
09.FA.65 Danburite CaB2(SiO4)2 Pnam 2/m 2/m 2/m
09.FA.65 Maleevite! BaB2Si2O8 P nma 2/m 2/m 2/m
09.FA.65 Pekovite! SrB2Si2O8 P nma 2/m 2/m 2/m
09.FA.70 Lingunite! (Na,Ca)AlSi3O8 I 4/m 4/m
09.FA.75 Kokchetavite! KAlSi3O8 P 6/mmm(?) 6/m 2/m 2/m

09.FB Tektosilicates with additional anions

09.FB.05 IMA2008-065! (Na,K)6Ca2(Si6Al6O24)Cl2(CO3) P 63 6
09.FB.05 Biachellaite (Na,Ca,K)8(Si6Al6O24)(SO4)2(OH)0.5•H2O P 3 3
09.FB.05 IMA2008-006! [Na82.5Ca33K16.5](Si99Al99O396)(SO4)33•4H2O P 3 3
09.FB.05 Alloriite! Na5K1.5Ca(Si6Al6O24)(SO4)(OH)0.5•H2O P 31c 3m
09.FB.05 Bystrite (Na,K)7Ca(Si6Al6)O24S4.5•(H2O) P 31c 3m
09.FB.05 Afghanite (Na,Ca,K)8(Si,Al)12O24(SO4,Cl,CO3)3•(H2O) P 63/mmc, P 63mc, or P 62c Hex
09.FB.05 Cancrisilite Na7Al5Si7O24(C03)•3(H2O) P 63 6
09.FB.05 Cancrinite Na6Ca2Al6Si6O24(CO3)2 P 63 6
09.FB.05 Hydroxycancrinite Na4(AlSiO4)3(OH)•(H2O) P 63 6
09.FB.05 Franzinite [(Na,K)30Ca10][Si30Al30O120](SO4)10•2(H2O) P 321 3 2
09.FB.05 Liottite (Ca,Na,K)8(Si,Al)12O24[(SO4),(CO3),Cl,OH]4•(H2O) P 6m2 6 m2
09.FB.05 Davyne Na4K2Ca2Si6Al6O24(SO4)Cl2 P 63/m 6/m
09.FB.05 Giuseppettite [Na42K16Ca6]S64Si48Al48O192(SO4)10Cl2•5H2O P 31c 3m
09.FB.05 Quadridavyne (Na,K)6Ca2Al6Si6O24Cl4 P 63/m 6/m
09.FB.05 Pitiglianoite Na6K2Si6Al6O24(SO4)•2(H2O) P 63 6
09.FB.05 Microsommite (Na,Ca,K)7-8(Si,Al)12O24(Cl,SO4)2-3 P 6322 6 2 2
09.FB.05 Vishnevite (Na,Ca,K)6(Si,Al)12O24[(SO4),(CO3),Cl2]2-4•n(H2O) P 6322 6 2 2
09.FB.05 Sacrofanite (Na,Ca,K)9Si6Al6O24[(OH),(SO4),(CO3),Cl)]4•n(H2O) P 63/mmc ? 6/m 2/m 2/m
09.FB.05 Tounkite (Na,Ca,K)8Al6Si6O24(SO4)2Cl•(H2O) P 6222 6 2 2
09.FB.05 Marinellite! [(Na,K)42Ca6](Si36Al36O144)(SO4)8Cl2•6(H2O) P 31c or P 2c Trig
09.FB.05 Farneseite! (Na37K9Ca10)S56(Si42Al42)S84O168(SO4)12•6(H2O) P 63/m 6/m 2/m 2/m
09.FB.10 Danalite Fe++4Be3(SiO4)3S P 43n 4 3m
09.FB.10 Genthelvite Zn4Be3(SiO4)3S P 43n 4 3m
09.FB.10 Helvite Mn4Be3(SiO4)3S P 43n 4 3m
09.FB.10 Bicchulite Ca2Al2SiO6(OH)2 I 43m 4 3m
09.FB.10 Hauyne (Na,Ca)4-8Al6Si6(O,S)24(SO4,Cl)1-2 P 43n 4 3m
09.FB.10 Lazurite Na3Ca(Al3Si3O12)S P 43n 4 3m
09.FB.10 Kamaishilite Ca2Al2SiO6(OH)2 I-lattice Tetra
09.FB.10 Nosean Na8Al6Si6O24(SO4) P 43m 4 3m
09.FB.10 Sodalite Na8Al6Si6O24Cl2 P 43n 4 3m
09.FB.10 Tugtupite Na4AlBeSi4O12Cl I 4 4
09.FB.10 Tsaregorodtsevite N(CH3)4AlSi5O12 I 222 2 2 2
09.FB.15 Meionite Ca4Al6Si6O24CO3 P 4/m 4/m
09.FB.15 Marialite Na4Al3Si9O24Cl I 4/m 4/m
09.FB.15 Scapolite* (Na,Ca)4[(Al,Si)12O24]Cl P 41/n 4/m
09.FB.15 Silvialite! (Ca,Na)4Al6Si6O24(SO4,CO3) I 4/m 4/m

09.FX Unknown

09.FX.00 Kyanoxalite! Na7(Al5-6Si6-7O24)(C2O4)0.5-1.0•5H2O P 63 6