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Mineral Luster



Luster Description


High index of refraction, eg. Rutile.

Adamantine - Greasy

Between adamantine and greasy.

Adamantine - Metallic

Between adamantine and metallic.

Adamantine - Pearly

Between pearly and adamantine.

Adamantine - Resinous

Between resinous and adamantine, eg. Sphalerite.

Adamantine - Silky

Between silky and adamantine.


Numerous hair-like inclusions aligned to produce "catseye" figure.

Earthy (Dull)

Completly dull, eg. clays.

Greasy (Oily)

Surface alteration, eg. Halite.


Specular reflection, eg. Pyrite or Mercury.

Metallic - Dull

Has a dull metallic lustesr.


Formed by numerous partly-developed cleavages, eg. Pearls.


Luster of Resin, eg. Amber

Resinous - Greasy

High index of refraction with surface alteration, eg. Sulphur.

Resinous - Metallic

High index of refraction in nearly opague minerals


Caused by numerous platy inclusions or separations.


Noticeable shiney direction, eg. Satin Spar.

Silky - Pearly

Silky and pearly lusters.

Sub Metallic

Almost metallic reflection, eg. Cuprite.


Not quite adamantine in luster.

Vitreous (Glassy)

Luster of broken glass, eg. Quartz.

Vitreous - Adamantine

Has aspects of both vitreous & adamantine lusters.

Vitreous - Dull

Has aspects of both vitreous & dull lusters.

Vitreous - Greasy

Has aspects of both vitreous & greasy lusters, eg. Nepheline.

Vitreous - Metallic

Has aspects of both vitreous & metallic lusters.

Vitreous - Pearly

Has aspects of both vitreous & pearly lusters.

Vitreous - Resinous

Has aspects of both vitreous & resinous lustesr.

Vitreous - Silky

Has aspects of both vitreous & silky lusters.

Vitreous - Waxy

Has aspects of both vitreous & waxy lusters.


Fairly dull luster, eg. wax.

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