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Strunz Classification


"Prof Hugo Strunz introduced a chemical-structural classification of the entire domain of minerals (Mineralogische Tabellen, 1941), followed by A.S.Povarennykh with a modified classification (1966 in Russian, 1972 in English). The chemical-structural classification of H. Strunz has gone through a number of editions, and is currently in the process of being refined in the light of recent crystal-structure determinations (Nickel-Strunz Version 10) by the late Ernest H. Nickel and others. In the current system, minerals are divided into 10 major compositional classes (1)elements, 2)sulfides, 3)halides, 4)oxides, 5)nitrates, carbonates, 6)borates, 7)sulfates, 8)phosphates, 9)silicates, 10)organic compounds) which are subdivided into divisions, families and groups on the basis of chemical composition and crystal structure." (See IMA Commission on Classification of Minerals (CCM) activity report)

The Strunz classification scheme used in this database has been provided by James A. Ferraiolo.

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The H. Strunz classification can be found on Athena, Mindat, MinMax, and Mineralienatlas.

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