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General Ganterite Information

Help on Chemical  Formula: Chemical Formula: [Ba0.5(Na,K)0.5]Al2(Si2.5Al1.5O10)(OH)2
Help on Composition: Composition: Molecular Weight = 438.39 gm
   Potassium   2.50 %  K     3.01 % K2O
   Barium     13.78 %  Ba   15.39 % BaO
   Sodium      1.42 %  Na    1.91 % Na2O
   Magnesium   0.50 %  Mg    0.83 % MgO
   Titanium    0.44 %  Ti    0.73 % TiO2
   Aluminum   19.20 %  Al   36.28 % Al2O3
   Iron        0.51 %  Fe    0.66 % FeO
   Silicon    17.43 %  Si   37.28 % SiO2
   Hydrogen    0.43 %  H     3.88 % H2O
   Oxygen     43.80 %  O
             ______        ______ 
             100.00 %       99.96 % = TOTAL OXIDE
Help on Empirical Formula: Empirical Formula: Ba0.44K0.28Na0.27Al1.84Mg0.09Fe2+0.04Ti0.04Si2.72Al1.28O10.11(OH)1.89
Help on Environment: Environment: Rock-forming mica found in bands and lenses of white-mica schist, and in a leucocratic zoisite-celsian gneiss. Ba-dominant muscovite.
Help on IMA Status: IMA Status: Approved IMA 2003 (Dana # Added)
Help on Locality: Locality: Berisal Complex, Simplon, Switzerland. Link to MinDat.org Location Data.
Help on Name Origin: Name Origin: Named for Gantertal Valley region in which the mineral was found.
Help on Synonym: Synonym: IMA2000-033

Ganterite Image

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Comments: Black and white thin-section micrograph of ganterite in white mica schist (sample SS9787) (S.Gt: synkinematic ganterite; P.Gt: postkinematic ganterite. (CanMin 41:1284).
Location: Metamorphosed basement rocks from the Berisal Complex, Simplon Region, Switzerland. Scale: See Image.
© Canadian Mineralogist

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Comments: BSE image of thin-section showing ganterite (G) portion of a larger muscovite (M) grain. The lighter color corresponds to greater heavy element (Ba) contents. AmMin, v92, p703.
Location: Lincoln Hill dumortierite deposit in the Humboldt Range located near Oreana, Pershing County, Nevada. Scale: Picture size 300 µm.
© American Mineralogist

Ganterite Crystallography

Help on Axial Ratios: Axial Ratios: a:b:c =0.5768:1:2.2114
Help on Cell Dimensions: Cell Dimensions: a = 5.2068, b = 9.027, c = 19.963, Z = 4; beta = 95.87° V = 933.38 Den(Calc)= 3.12
Help on Crystal System: Crystal System: Monoclinic - Prismatic H-M Symbol (2/m) Space Group: C 2/c
Help on X Ray Diffraction: X Ray Diffraction: By Intensity(I/Io): 2.571(1)(202,131), 2.602(0.95)(130,131), 1.504(0.91)(060,2.0.10), 3.737(0.77)(023), 3.887(0.76)(113), 3.495(0.71)(114), 4.481(0.71)(110),

Physical Properties of Ganterite

Help on Cleavage: Cleavage: {001} Perfect
Help on Color: Color: Light gray, Silver.
Help on Diaphaneity: Diaphaneity: Transparent
Help on Fracture: Fracture: Flexible - Flexible fragments.
Help on Habit: Habit: Micaceous - Platy texture with "flexible" plates.
Help on Hardness: Hardness: 4-4.5 - Between Fluorite and Apatite
Help on Luster: Luster: Vitreous (Glassy)
Help on Streak: Streak: white

Optical Properties of Ganterite

Help on Gladstone-Dale: Gladstone-Dale: CI calc= 0.021 (Excellent) - where the CI = (1-KPDcalc/KC)
KPDcalc= 0.1967,KC= 0.2008
Ncalc = 1.63
Help on Optical Data: Optical Data: Biaxial (-), a=1.6, b=1.619, g=1.622, bire=0.0220

Calculated Properties of Ganterite

Help on Electron Density: Electron Density: Bulk Density (Electron Density)=3.02 gm/cc
note: Specific Gravity of Ganterite =3.12 gm/cc.
Help on Fermion Index: Fermion Index: Fermion Index = 0.03
Boson Index = 0.97
Help on Photoelectric: Photoelectric: PEGanterite = 58.78 barns/electron
U=PEGanterite x relectron= 177.76 barns/cc.
Help on Radioactivity: Radioactivity:

GRapi = 34.94 (Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute Units)
Concentration of Ganterite per GRapi unit = 2.86 (%)

Estimated Radioactivity from Ganterite - barely detectable


Ganterite Classification

Help on  Dana Class: Dana Class: 71.02.02c.07 (71)Phyllosilicate Sheets of Six-Membered Rings
  (71.02)with 2:1 Layers
  (71.02.02c)Mica Group (Margarite subgroup)
71.02.02c.01 Margarite CaAl2(Al2Si2)O10(OH)2 C 2/c 2/m
71.02.02c.02 Clintonite Ca(Mg,Al)3(Al3Si)O10(OH)2 C 2/m 2/m
71.02.02c.03 Bityite CaLiAl2(AlBeSi2)O10(OH)2 C 2/c 2/m
71.02.02c.04 Anandite (Ba,K)(Fe,Mg)3(Si,Al,Fe)4O10(S,OH)2 C 2/m 2/m
71.02.02c.05 Kinoshitalite (Ba,K)(Mg,Mn,Al)3Si2Al2O10(OH)2 C 2/m 2/m
71.02.02c.06 Ferrokinoshitalite! (Ba,K)(Fe,Mg)3(Si2Al2)O10(OH,F)2 C 2/m 2/m
71.02.02c.07 Ganterite! [Ba0.5(Na,K)0.5]Al2(Si2.5Al1.5O10)(OH)2 C 2/c 2/m
71.02.02c.08 Oxykinoshitalite! (Ba,K)(Mg,Fe,Ti)3(Si,Al)4O10O2 C 2/m 2/m
Help on  Strunz Class: Strunz Class: 09.EC.15 09 - SILICATES (Germanates)
  09.E - Phyllosilicates
  09.EC -Phyllosilicates with mica sheets, composed of tetrahedral and octahedral nets
09.EC.15 Boromuscovite KAl2(Si3B)O10(OH,F)2 C 2/m 2/m
09.EC.15 Celadonite K(Mg,Fe)(Fe,Al)[Si4O10](OH)2 C 2/m 2/m
09.EC.15 Chernykhite (Ba,Na)V,Al)2(Si,Al)4O10(OH)2 C 2/c 2/m
09.EC.15 Chromphyllite! (K,Ba)(Cr,Al)2[AlSi3O10](OH,F)2 C 2c 2/m
09.EC.15 Glauconite (K,Na)(Fe,Al,Mg)2(Si,Al)4O10(OH)2 C 2/m 2/m
09.EC.15 Aluminoceladonite! KAl(Mg,Fe)[]Si4O10(OH)2 2/m
09.EC.15 Ferroaluminoceladonite! K2Fe2Al2Si8O20(OH)4 C 2/m 2/m
09.EC.15 Ferroceladonite! K2FeFeSi8O20(OH)4 C 2/m 2/m
09.EC.15 Montdorite (K,Na)(Fe,Mn,Mg)2.5[Si4O10](F,OH)2 C 2/c 2/m
09.EC.15 Nanpingite Cs(Al,Mg,Fe,Li)2(Si3Al)O10(OH,F)2 C 2/c 2/m
09.EC.15 Tobelite (NH4,K)Al2(Si3Al)O10(OH)2 C 2/m 2/m
09.EC.15 Roscoelite K(V,Al,Mg)2AlSi3O10(OH)2 C 2/m 2/m
09.EC.15 Muscovite KAl2(Si3Al)O10(OH,F)2 C 2/m 2/m
09.EC.15 Paragonite NaAl2(Si3Al)O10(OH)2 C 2/c,Cc Mono
09.EC.15 Tainiolite KLiMg2Si4O10F2 C 2/m 2/m
09.EC.15 Chromceladonite! KCrMg(Si4O10)(OH)2 C 2 2
09.EC.15 Ganterite! [Ba0.5(Na,K)0.5]Al2(Si2.5Al1.5O10)(OH)2 C 2/c 2/m

Other Ganterite Information

Help on References: References: NAME( CanMin, 41:1971) PHYS. PROP.(CanMin, 41:1971) OPTIC PROP.(CanMin, 41:1971)
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Dana No: 71.02.02c.07 Strunz No: 09.EC.15





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