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General Tazheranite Information

Help on Chemical  Formula: Chemical Formula: CaTiZr2O8
Help on Composition: Composition: Molecular Weight = 398.40 gm
   Calcium    10.06 %  Ca   14.08 % CaO
   Zirconium  45.80 %  Zr   61.86 % ZrO2
   Titanium   12.02 %  Ti   20.05 % TiO2
   Oxygen     32.13 %  O
             ______        ______ 
             100.00 %       95.98 % = TOTAL OXIDE
Help on Empirical Formula: Empirical Formula: CaTiZr2O8
Help on Environment: Environment: Within bands of periclase-brucite marbles. Cubic modification of baddeleyite (ZrO2).
Help on IMA Status: IMA Status: Approved IMA 1969
Help on Locality: Locality: Tazheran alkalic massif., W of Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia. Link to MinDat.org Location Data.
Help on Name Origin: Name Origin: Named for the locality.
Help on Name Pronunciation: Name Pronunciation: Tazheranite + Pronunciation Say TAZHERANITE
Help on Synonym: Synonym: Arkelite - Tazheranite, name originally used for synthetic material.